VillaMusicRights is hét alternatief voor Buma/Stemra. Zakelijke gebruikers, zoals winkels, horecabedrijven en omroepen, sluiten een licentie bij ons af tegen een duidelijk tarief. Songwriters of componisten houden al hun rechten zelf in handen en beheren deze via onze website.

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1. Luister naar muziek
2. Selecteer muziek
3. Schaf licentie aan


Inloggen Aanmelden Informatie

1. Upload je muziek
2. Bepaal het tarief (licentie)
3. Bepaal de periode (licentie)

Inloggen Aanmelden Informatie

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Info Composers

The advantages in short

  • With VillaMusicRights, you manage your own rights. You stay in charge of your songs
  • We help you draaft and manage your licenses
  • We display your music and mediate with sales
  • You decide the price and period
  • Fast payment
  • No piles of forms. No hassle
  • Registering is free! 


How do I get copyright?


Millions of people worldwide enjoy making music. If you want to share the fun with other people, you will also get to deal with a business side of music.


That business side goes further than getting gis, getting a website done of making merch. If you write your own music, you also het to deal with copyright. The copyright in everything you write is automatically owned by you. You don’t have to do anything to get it. However, it is important to manage your copyright.


VillaMusicRights: Your music, your rights


To manage your copyright, you can submit your work to a collecting society, such as PRS in the UK, Ascap in the US, or Buma/Stemra in the Netherlands. Composers pay an annual fee to subscribe and submit their work through a flood of forms. Business users pay unclear and high tariffs for the use of music. Most of that money ends up with a very small percentage of the musicians.


VillaMusicRights thinks it’s time for a change. A growing number of musicians take matters into their own hands. They release their work under their own label and distribute it over the internet. They can also manage their own copyright. VillaMusicRights helps musicians do so.


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