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Titel van het nummer What If You Could
Artiest EZ NRG
Genre Soul
Componist Colin Pichel
Omschrijving EZ NRG was founded by Colin Pichel in 1992 when he first wrote songz and wanted to put them on tape. Accompanied by drumz and basz EZ NRG was a fact within monthz.

After several demo albumz with their own music they decided to play some coverz of their favorite bandz. Unlike many coverbandz they were used to the creativity in making their own music. When they played coverz, they played them the way they liked them. With the same NRG that makez them so unique. 

After yearz gone by EZ NRG went through some changez. In 2006 two of the original memberz got replaced and EZ NRG went from three to four memberz with great chemistry. Playing from local clubz to big festivalz EZ NRG proofz to be loud and proud! 

Growing bigger than each individual itself EZ NRG now haz the right musicianz with the right attitude. EZ NRG is still proud and grateful of all the musicianz 
who helped them get to thiz point where they're more Rock 'n Soul than they've ever been. 

EZ NRG is like a car without a "reverse gear" it only wantz to go forward. If you love us thatz great, if you hate us thatz fine too, if you're in the middle.... GET OUT!
Vergoeding € 1,00
Periode 3 maanden