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Titel van het nummer Summer Feelings
Artiest Ashley Reinold
Genre Pop
Componist Ashley Reinold
Omschrijving It was a common sight … a little girl singing in front of the mirror using a hairbrush for a microphone. What was different this time, however, was the fact that the songs Ashley Reynolds chose were not those on pop radio… but instead it was Bible Songs that captured her heart and her soul. It was obvious in God’s plan that many years later she would move on from a hairbrush to a real microphone, but the root of her music is still Scripture based and her heart is committed for Christ alone.

Ashley Reynolds insists her story is nothing big (or even tragic for that matter). She grew up in “small-town” America with a family she loves, and a typical pre-teen lifestyle. She tried competitive figure skating, Miss Pre-Teen pageants, and spent much of her free time in a dance studio studying classical ballet, tap and jazz. She started singing in her church at the young age of 13 which led her to performances at local festivals, churches and other special community events. Slowly she came to the realization that she didn’t really want to be doing what everyone else was doing… she wanted to be extraordinary and she wanted to commit her life and talents to serving God. At the young age of 16, she accepted her vocation, laid down all her gifts and talents at Jesus’ feet and committed her life to ministry and stewardship. She was so focused on this goal, that she went to her family and asked them to give up everything to follow this journey with her.

When Ashley Reynolds was 17, she and her family moved to Texas. The community quickly embraced her and before she knew it she was performing over 50 shows a year including appearances at University of Houston’s college campus, fund raising events with the Salvation Army, local Women’s Conferences, and festivals; like BlessFest where she appeared on the bill with Jeff Deyo, Superchick and others. Eventually Ashley made her way into a studio and recorded her first demo which included the inspirational ballad, All That You Bring. This song caught the attention of a producer and she was invited to come to New Mexico to record her first full length CD titled Broken Pieces. The highlight of the album experience for Ashley was that she was able to include two songs that came directly from her heart and her pen. The release of this independent project confirmed that Ashley Reynolds would be on her way to serving God as a Christian based singer/songwriter.

Ashley Reynolds, like a new flower starting to grow, continues to be watered by God’s bountiful blessings. In 2006, she received the Pop Artist of the Year award at the KCCM Awards held in Kansas City. She is currently writing new material for her sophomore release and is building a tour schedule that will give her the platform to talk about her ministry in greater detail. Ashley Reynolds insists her story is nothing big… but clearly… that’s not how God sees it!
Vergoeding € 0,25
Periode 3 maanden