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Titel van het nummer Who Cares for Me as I Am
Artiest Peter Bomhof
Genre Ballad
Componist Peter Bomhof
Omschrijving Image and video hosting by TinyPic
In his release of his first album The Promise. The Promise came to life based on the things Peter Bomhof experienced in his own personal life, but also with his wife and 2 kids. As you will very well feel from within these songs come straight from the heart. Peter Bomhof started practicing on his first instrument at the age of 11 years old striving for the ultimate music quality for 25 years it has brought him to the day of today with his first creation of a perfectly touching album ‘The Promise’. You will feel the emotions of all the things he’s been through and what his family has been through. Overall a very relaxing album with a good quality of both text and music
Vergoeding € 0,40
Periode 4 maanden