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What does VillaMusicRights do?


VillaMusicRights facilitates the contact between music authors and users. Composers upload their music to the VillaMusicRights database. Business users purchase a license agreement at an attractive price.


VillaMusicRights advises on licenses and rates. Registering with VillaMusicRights is always free, for both composers and business users. Composers declare to own all the rights to the uploaded work and business users declare to only use the purchased music only for purposes described in the license agreement. The payment transactions between business users and composers run through VillaMusicRights, which receives a percentage for showcasing, advice and transactional costs.


Who are we?


VillaMusicRights is a Dutch company, registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 27314371. Founders and directors are Koos Kalkman and Jan Smits. They are respectively experienced in the fields of copyright law and technology law. Koos Kalkman is a composer and musician and was for 10 years a member of the Dutch collecting society Buma/Stemra.

Why do we do this?


VillaMusicRights started in The Netherlands, but the formula works in almost every country in the world. The Netherlands alone has about half a million active musicians. Most of them make music just for fun, but if you want to share this fun with other people, you will get to meet the business side as well.


There is more to the business side than getting gigs, buidling a web site or printing T-shirts. If you write your own music, you also have to deal with author's rights. You get the author's rights automatically. This requires no action. Managing your rights, however, is important.


To manage your author's rights, you can register your work with a collective management organization, such as Ascap in the US, Socan in Canada or PRS in Great Britain. Depending on the organization and legislation, composers pay dues and submit their work through a torrent of forms. Business users pay non-transparent rates for the use of music. The largest amount of this money only reaches a small percentage of musicians.


VillaMusicRights finds that it can be done differently. A growing number of artists take matters into their own hands. They release their music without intervention from a record company and distribute over the internet. They can take care of their own music rights management as well. VillaMusicRights helps them with that.


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